Certificates & Certification



Why be agent ?

Online operation technical

Real-time response

EBICO 7*24 hours online customer support, real-time solutions to all kinds of technical problems for all channel partners around the world.

Professional training

EBICO periodically holds technical knowledge sharing sessions to train a certain number of certified technical engineers for all partners.

Demand R&D

The EBICO product development management platform can be developed or modified according to the end-user requirements provided by the partners.

Marketing service

Brand promotion

EBICO plans brand and product marketing and promotion in a unified way, providing effective brand support for all partners.

Marketing strategy

EBICO provides guidance and support to all partners on their marketing strategies and regularly shares market data.

Cost support

EBICO will provide support and assistance to all partners for their promotional activities in the local market.

Promotional support

EBICO will distribute a certain amount of promotional materials in various forms according to the partner's annual sales.

Sales technical

Project information support

EBICO will share resources with partners and assist partners to participate in the bidding to promote common development.

Technical solution support

All partners can obtain various types of solutions from the EBICO industry case base.

Pre-sales technical assistance

EBICO can send pre-sales technical engineers to assist partners to achieve sales goals.


Application Process

Submit agent Intention form

You can do this in the following ways
Online communication
Fill the Form below

Qualification research

① Qualification investigation of intended agents

② Conduct burner market research according to agent location

③ Communicate specific cooperation content and matters

Formally signing the cooperation agreement

① Sign agency cooperation agreement

② Hold online/in-person signing ceremony

Execution phase

① Start brand planning services

② Start image packaging service

③ Start making sales plan

Operation phase

The preparation process ends and the official operation phase begins



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