Common series classification of equipment used in asphalt mixing plant factories


Common series classification of equipment used in asphalt mixing plant factories
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Asphalt concrete mixing equipment refers to equipment that dries, screens, measures, heats, adds an appropriate amount of filling material, and mixes evenly with asphalt liquid in a certain proportion. The asphalt mixing plant is mainly a mobile asphalt mixing plant, and the asphalt concrete mixing equipment can mix high-quality concrete to improve the overall progress of the project. Everyone is familiar with asphalt mixing plants because asphalt is interspersed in people’s lives, providing convenience for everyone’s lives. So, what series of asphalt mixing plants are there, Next, let’s briefly introduce:
1. The double drum series, known as the double drum, is divided into intermittent drying and mixing integral drums. This two drum design reduces investment costs and risks for investors. Although it is a dual drum design, forward and reverse have different functions, making it easier to operate.
2. The mobile forced series is characterized by better mixing, but requires better finished products, accurate measurement, and easy operation.
3. The finished product warehouse floor type series is characterized by reducing the occupied area and greatly reducing the occurrence of equipment failures during use.
I believe that understanding these asphalt mixing plants is helpful to you. With the development of the times, scientific footsteps will pass through every industry and series. If there is a need, you can choose the appropriate one.