ES-G Liquefied Gas Low NOx Burners

EBICO ES-G liquefied gas low NOx burners are electronic proportional-regulated digital burners designed for hot blast stoves and boilers. The burner design concept adheres to the four concepts of focusing on, energy saving, environmental protection, and intelligence in European products. At the same time, it has carried out a large number of tests for different market environments and special fuels, and after obtaining a large number of qualified data, it is put on the market with a new generation of advanced intelligent electronic proportional adjustment type new models.


EBICO’s R & D team is always active on the front-line site of customers. EBICO will continuously transform and upgrade the burner according to customers’ feedback and actual machine working conditions. EBICO ES-G liquefied gas low NOx burner can handle a variety of fuels including ng, LNG, LPG, CNG, heavy & light oil, and coal fines, and through new ultra-low nitrogen Vic technology, EBICO has realized that NOx can be controlled within 30mg without the help of FGR, which is cutting-edge technology in the world.


Brand Overview

Founded in 1998, EBICO (China) environment Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Milan, Italy. With more than 20 years of industry experience, EBICO has been committed to building the most influential and professional burner manufacturing company in the world.

EBICO is very professional in providing supporting burners for steam boiler, hot water boiler, heat conduction oil future, garbage incinerator, hot air boiler, asphalt mixing plant, road structure and other equipment. EBICO has customers all over the world and countless successful cases. At the same time, EBICO has also actively participated in many international bidding projects, It has won high praise from customers.

Design and inspection standards for EBICO burners

Design Criteria: Follow

Test standard: follow

EU EN267 (fuel)

EU EN676 (gas)

EU CE/ISO certification

China CSEI certification

Russia EAC certification

National standard GB/T36699-2018

Product Characteristics

Five-Low Technology

Full Electronic Intelligence

Abstract Simulation Frequency Control(Optional)

Combustion Efficiency is About 100%

Compact and Streamline Shape Design

Low Power

High Back Pressure of Hearth

Model parameters

Model Output capacity GasConsumption


Specifications of


Speifications of Hot

Blast Furnace Burner


KW Mcal/h
ES70GE 720 619 72 0.5 30
ES100GE 1010 869 101 1 60
ES150GE 1435 1234 143 1.5 90
ES200GE 2500 2150 250 2 120
ES250GE 2900 2494 290 3 180
ES300GE 4000 3440 400 4 or 5 240 or 300
ES500GE 5225 4494 523 6 360
ES600GE 7250 6235 725 8 480
ES800GE 9025 7762 902 10 600
ES900GE 10500 9030 1050 12 720
ES100GE 11280 9710 1128 15 900
ES150GE 15200 13072 1520 20 1200

Shipping method





Service Standard and Guarantee

Model Selection

When you are not sure exactly what kind of burner your device needs: You can leave a message online or call for consultation. Our professional receptionist will give you an answer as soon as possible.

Total Solutions

According to customer requirements for fuel, applicable equipment, emission requirements, power range, flame length and so on. Our professional technical team will design the most suitable solution for you according to the actual situation.

Original Accessories

EBICO will provide all the spare parts needed for the burner and related equipment during operation. And can ensure that all choose high-quality brand products, perfect fit, no additional problems. You can purchase or consult directly online.

After-sales Service

EBICO offers a one-year warranty on all products you purchase. And will provide on-site debugging and remote technical services when conditions permit. In case of your need, EBICO can send after-sale specialist for on-site service.

Global Business Support

EBICO's success spans the globe. We look forward to working with you to explore new markets. Detailed information can be viewed through the case.

Online Technical Services

Considering time and space, EBICO can be guided remotely online. When EBICO receives your question, it will immediately arrange technicians to provide professional technical guidance via remote video. Solve problems quickly for all EBICO customers.

EBICO After-sales Service Commitment

Free maintenance within 12 months
24-hour online customer service
365 day non-stop service

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