Four-channel natural gas coal powder burner features


Four-channel natural gas coal powder burner features

The four-channel burner literally means four channels, from inside to outside: 1. Central air; 2. Coal or gas channel; 3. Vortex air; 4. External air. The working principle is as follows: the coal powder is blown into the kiln by the coal powder injection blower, the central air duct contracts to adjust the thickness of the flame, the vortex air makes the coal powder rotate in a certain direction, disperses the coal powder mist, and fully burns the coal powder. The external air is a direct current, which can gather and diffuse the fire shape to achieve the flame shape required by the customer. The coal powder channel is a separate fan, and the other three channels are main air control, which can be adjusted with valves according to needs. After adjustment and fixing, do not easily adjust again. But at the same time, we need to pay attention to the importance of secondary air. When adjusting primary air, we must ensure the amount of secondary air. The ratio is usually 10%-15% of the total combustion, and the rest is secondary air. Supplement: Since secondary air usually enters after the cooling tube, the secondary air is hot air, which can effectively improve the combustion quality and efficiency.

Its characteristics are as follows:

1. Flame hood: forms a bowl effect, with no strong vortex phenomenon in the flame, thereby avoiding temperature peaks and making the flame temperature distribution uniform and reasonable, effectively protecting the kiln mouth tube and shield plate.

2. Long service life: the heat-resistant steel of the burner head is made of special materials and is resistant to high temperature and wear.

3. Flame is regular: the advanced arrangement of the air duct can make the coal powder burn more fully, making the flame more regular and powerful;

4. Convenient online adjustment of flame length: in addition to adjusting the volume of axial and rotating air, the cross-sectional area of the vortex outlet can also be adjusted to achieve the purpose of changing the wind speed of the burner outlet and ensuring the normal combustion of fuel;

5. Strong adaptability to coal quality: can burn anthracite, bituminous coal, poor coal, pet coke and other solid fuels;

6. New product: reduce the emission of pollutants, make the coal powder and combustion air fully mixed, make the combustion faster and more complete, reduce the content of CO and NOX, and achieve the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection.