How to deal with the shedding of casting material in the rotary kiln burner?


How to deal with the shedding of casting material in the rotary kiln burner?
The position of rotary kiln burners in production and operation is also crucial. The editor is currently organizing information related to rotary kiln burners, in order to help everyone have a good solution. Now, let’s learn together how to deal with the shedding of casting materials in rotary kiln burners?
A masonry method for the external pouring material of a rotary kiln burner in cement clinker production, which adopts a continuous pouring material and top pushing method to provide continuous pouring material, supplement the pouring material that falls off due to high-speed airflow erosion and high temperature erosion, and provide continuous protection for the burner. It can be operated on site without affecting the normal operation of the burner, avoiding the economic losses caused by the thermal deformation of the burner caused by the falling off of the pouring material at the front end of the burner and subsequent shutdown; Being able to work continuously without using a backup burner significantly saves production costs and time.
Install a fixed seat plate, a spiral pushing device, a pouring material pouring template, and soluble lubricant on the wall of the burner tube between the rear end of the burner and the outside of the sealing fire door; The method is simple and practical, safe and reliable, saving production time and costs, significantly reducing losses and economic losses, and improving work quality and efficiency; It is also beneficial for environmental protection.