How To Effectively Reduce The Cost Of Asphalt Mixing Plant?


How To Effectively Reduce The Cost Of Asphalt Mixing Plant?
As an important production equipment in road construction, the asphalt mixing plant occupies an indispensable position in construction. However, in recent years, the market competition for road facilities has become increasingly fierce. In order to obtain more profits, it is necessary to effectively reduce costs. The following brief section will briefly introduce how the asphalt mixing plant should reduce costs.

1. Improve power quality
The asphalt mixing plant will use electric energy when working, but the quality of electric energy directly determines the operation of the mixing plant. If you want to improve the electric energy of the mixing plant, you can reduce it by determining the distribution voltage, improving the power factor, reducing the line loss, and stopping the transformer to cut off the high voltage. In addition, you can also use the low peak and valley prices to improve.

2. Use fuel instead of diesel
Due to the increasingly fierce market competition, reducing the cost of asphalt mixing plants has become the goal that many enterprises want to achieve. Among the many costs, the cost of fuel is the biggest. In the process of asphalt mixing and heating, fuel is needed to supplement the energy. Low-cost fuel, oil residue, oil, gas, and other ways can be used to replace traditional diesel, In this way, the cost of fuel can be well controlled.
As the main energy consumption of the asphalt mixing plant is oil and electricity, if you want to effectively reduce the cost, you can reduce the cost on the basis of oil and electricity consumption. As long as you grasp the costs of these two aspects, you can effectively control the overall cost, thereby reducing the cost and improving the economic efficiency of the enterprise.