How to use the burner correctly

How to use the burner correctly

How to use the burner correctly

In the field of industrial production, the burner is necessary equipment for many major projects, and the burner needs to be finely adjusted before being put into use. The lack of scientific installation and debugging steps for the burner will lead to the failure of the burner’s energy saving and environmental protection advantages, and it may increase the risk of furnace bursting. EBICO has dozens of first-line after-sales service engineers who have accumulated rich experience in the use of burners.

Correct startup and use of the burner

1. Before commissioning, carefully check whether the fuel meets the requirements of the burner; check whether the detection instrument of the gas supply pipeline is normal and whether the opening and closing of the pipeline valve are normal.

2. Carefully check the installation reliability and tightness of all newly installed pipelines.

3. Ensure that the gas supply volume and gas supply parameters meet the requirements of safe combustion.

4. Guide the operator to read the instruction manual of the combustion equipment carefully, and master the knowledge and methods of safe operation.

5. Check that the gas valve is open each time the engine is turned on.

6. Start the power control button on the control cabinet, start the fan control button, and when the combustion-supporting fan works without any abnormality, start the combustion control button again. At this time, the combustion program controller starts to work, and the ignition, air supply, and flame detection are carried out through a certain program. Wait until the safe combustion is finally achieved.

7. When the combustion controller receives a signal that is not conducive to combustion (for example ignition failure, unstable air pressure, circuit problems), the combustion controller will immediately turn off the gas and send an alarm signal, and the operator will manually reset it after the fault is solved.

8. During the whole operation process, the operator shall operate with reference to the furnace body safety operation rules and production process requirements.

Proper shut down use of the burner

1. When the temperature in the furnace reaches the set value, it will automatically shut down, and the operator does not need to operate. When the temperature in the furnace is lower than the set value, the controller will automatically turn on.

2. When artificially shutting down and changing shifts, the operator shall operate the shutdown according to the specified sequence (a. Turn off the combustion control button first, b. Turn off the fan button, and c. Turn off the power button at the end).

3. When the shutdown time is long, the operator should close the gas pipeline valve to avoid gas leakage.

Scientific and rational operation of the installation and debugging of the burner can give better play to the performance advantages of the burner equipment, and at the same time can effectively prolong the service life of the burner. For more tips on the use, maintenance, and maintenance of the burner, please call +86-510-85187552.