The advantages of a 2-ton biomass boiler


The advantages of a 2-ton biomass boiler

A 2-ton biomass boiler is a small-capacity biomass chain grate boiler, with 2 tons being the starting point for the capacity of this type of biomass energy boiler. The minimum capacity biomass pellet boiler we produce is also 2 tons. If it is solely a coal-fired chain grate boiler, the capacity starts from 1 ton. Taking the DZL biomass boiler and the DZL chain grate boiler as examples, although both belong to quick-assembled boilers, there are fundamental differences in applicable fuels and internal structural layout. Below, let’s see the environmental advantages of Zhengguo’s biomass pellet fuel boiler.

1. Economic benefits. Compared with other types of boilers of the same capacity, coal burning boilers and gas boilers consume much more fuel than biomass combustion boilers, making them less economical than biomass boilers. In other words, biomass boilers offer the highest cost-performance ratio. Add the fact that biomass fuel is readily available and inexpensive, its advantages are quite evident.

2. Environmental advantages. As a renewable energy suitable for boilers, biofuel is not only easily obtainable but also has excellent environmental benefits. Tested by the national energy department, the gas emission of a biomass boiler is 1.3g per cubic meter, with the content of sulfur and nitrogen gases being 80mg, meeting the national first-grade standard. Its environmental protection effect is outstanding. The ash residue produced by burning straw can be used to fertilize farmland, and the rich nitrogen content in the ash residue is suitable for plant growth.