What Are The Main Technologies And Features Of Low NOx Burner?


What are the main technologies and features of low NOx burner?
Low NOx burner refers to the burner with low NOx emission during fuel combustion. Selecting a low NOx burner can reduce NOx emissions during combustion. The nitrogen oxides produced during combustion are mainly NO and NO2, which are generally called nitrogen oxides NOx.

1. Classification
(1) Heavy oil burner, gas burner, and dual fuel burner (light oil/natural gas or heavy oil/natural gas).
(2) According to the operation and operation mode, EBICO burner has a single-stage, two-stage, progressive two-stage, and progressive two-stage, with the shared regulator, etc.
(3) Industrial burner series: full power burner, specially designed for special industrial applications.

2. Technical and functional characteristics
● Single-level fire protection, two-level fire protection, two-level fire protection progressive/shared regulation
● It can adapt to any type of combustion chamber.
● Air and gas are mixed in the combustion head.
● The best combustion parameters can be obtained by adjusting the combustion air and combustion head.
● It is not necessary to remove the burner from the boiler, and the mixing equipment can be directly removed for easy maintenance.
● Servo motor is used to regulate the airflow of the first and second stages. When the burner stops running, close the valve to reduce the heat loss in the furnace.
● Valve sealing control device can be added to the valve group.
● Select flange and insulating sealing ring to connect and fix the boiler; Equipped with 4-hole and 7-hole connectors.
● Blower pipes longer than the standard length can be provided as required.