What are the parameter and accessory advantages of mobile asphalt mixing plants?


What are the parameter and accessory advantages of mobile asphalt mixing plants?

Drum mix asphalt plants are a type of continuous asphalt mixing plant, characterized by simple structure, low operating costs, and easy maintenance. The production capacity range of the entire equipment is 20-60 tons per hour. There are two types: mobile continuous asphalt mixing plants and fixed continuous asphalt mixing plants.

Concrete is essential in the construction industry, and asphalt concrete mixing equipment is also indispensable. What are the advantages of mobile asphalt concrete mixing equipment?

Advantages of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plants:

1. Modular design for easier transportation and installation.
2. Unique blade design with powerful drive makes mixing effortless and reliable.
3. Imported vibration motors drive the vibrating screen, greatly increasing efficiency and reducing equipment failure rates.
4. Bag dust collector placed in the drying state, placed above the roller, reducing heat loss and saving space and fuel.
5. Bottom-mounted hopper structure significantly reduces the footprint of the device while eliminating the lifting space for finished material lanes, reducing equipment failure rates.
6. Double-layer plate lifting for aggregate increases the service life of the hoist and improves its stability.
7. Dual-motor fully automatic control system with manual backup, equipped with automatic fault diagnosis for easy and safe operation.

Using mobile asphalt concrete mixing equipment can increase work efficiency, speed up mixing, and achieve better mixing results, effectively shortening the time required for concrete mixing and thereby improving overall construction progress. It can better ensure the quality of materials, while simultaneously reducing labor intensity and labor cost consumption during manual mixing. With asphalt concrete mixing equipment, no human supervision is required; simply add materials according to the prescribed sequence, and mixing can be performed. Additionally, this equipment produces higher yields of higher-quality concrete.