What are the precautions for using a low nitrogen burner?


What are the precautions for using a low nitrogen burner?
1. Before debugging the new device, carefully check whether the gas meets the requirements of the low nitrogen burner; Check whether the detection instruments on the gas supply pipeline are normal, whether the opening and closing of pipeline valves are normal, and whether it is convenient for future operation and maintenance.
2. For the pipelines of the new device, the reliability and sealing condition of all pipelines should be carefully checked.
3. Users using independent gasification stations should ensure that the gas supply volume and parameters meet the requirements for safe incineration.
4. Operators should carefully read the operating instructions of the equipment and master the knowledge and methods of safe operation.
5. Before opening the low nitrogen burner, check if the gas valve is open, otherwise the incinerator will not work.
6. Suggest the operation of the power supply on the control cabinet. At this time, the temperature inside the Xin’an furnace and the furnace temperature are both ambient temperatures.
7. It is recommended that the fan be operated by compression and torsion, and the fan installed on the furnace body should be operated by operation. At this point, if the fan damages the control cabinet, the automatic protection will not proceed to the next step of operation.
8. When the low nitrogen burner receives signals that are not conducive to incineration, such as incineration loss, unstable air pressure, or circuit problems, the incinerator controller immediately turns off the gas and sends an alarm signal.
9. If the low nitrogen burner alarms, the operator must manually reset it after handling the defect before continuing to operate.
10. When adjusting the operating temperature according to the production process requirements, operators should refer to the manual of the intelligent CNC instrument for scheduling.