What are the Reasons that Fuel Gas Boiler Burners are Damaged? How to Solve It?


What are the Reasons that Fuel Gas Boiler Burners are Damaged? How to Solve It?

Fuel gas boiler burners have been running well all the time, but this time they can’t be used. After inspection, it was found that the burners were damaged. What are the reasons that fuel gas boiler burners are damaged? What solutions are there to such problems?

fuel gas boiler burners can be damaged by many factors, such as the temperature of the furnace road being too high, reaching the upper limit of the allowable range, which enhances the radiation heat transfer between the furnace flue gas and the burner nozzle, and the nozzle wall temperature increases and is damaged.

There may also be a problem with the flame base of the gas-fired furnace, as after inspection, it was found that the temperature and flame distribution of the furnace were significantly unbalanced, and the flame speed of the upper and lower four corners of the furnace was also significantly unbalanced. In addition, there is a mistake in the equipment standard of the gas-fired furnace, which cannot achieve stable circular combustion, which is another major reason why the flame base is tilted.

When adjusting the gas-fired furnace, if the secondary airspeed is too small, it will cause the flame distance to be too close, resulting in deformation and damage to the burner nozzle. In addition, when the gas-fired furnace changes to load, if the secondary air door of the upper and lower outlets is not cooled enough, it will also cause the burner to be damaged.

After the burners are damaged, the impact on the entire gas-fired furnace is very large, so users should strengthen the control and adjustment of the furnace during use, including timely mastering the pressure and quality of natural gas and heat conduction, ensuring that the gas and heat conduction are appropriate; observing the ignition of natural gas, and timely adjusting the size of the secondary air door; when the load changes, adjust the furnace internal negative pressure combustion, adjust the gas and heat conduction, ensure that the flame is not tilted, and coordinate the opening degree of each layer.

In addition, it is recommended to improve the material of the fuel gas boiler burners, and suggest choosing high-quality alloy steel materials and adding wear and heat resistance functions. Use high-temperature stainless steel for swirl blades, so as to avoid swirl blades being damaged and falling, causing nozzle deformation and damage.
In addition, it is necessary to strictly follow the requirements of the drawings when adjusting the fuel gas boiler burners, ensure that the furnace flame is circular, and ensure the stable operation of the gas boiler.