What are the Technical Advantages of Low Nitrogen Burner?


What are the Technical Advantages of the Low Nitrogen Burner?
Low-nitrogen burner refers to a burner with low NOx emission during fuel combustion. Selecting a low-nitrogen burner can reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides during combustion. The nitrogen oxides produced during combustion are mainly NO and NO2, which are generally referred to as nitrogen oxide NOx. Many test results show that the main nitrogen oxide emitted by the combustion device is NO, accounting for about 95%, while NO2 only accounts for about 5%. Low-nitrogen burner is an environment-friendly and energy-saving machine. Now many friends are using it, and the effect is very good. Because it has many advantages, let’s introduce the technical advantages of the low nitrogen burner.

1. One of the obvious advantages of the low nitrogen burner is the low emission of nitrogen oxides. Back-type structure and exhaust flue gas circulation technology are adopted. The advantages of this technology are very obvious, and the emission of nitrogen oxides can meet the requirements. At the same time, the low nitrogen burner is also equipped with a blue flame burner, which further reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides.

2. The low nitrogen burner is designed with the PLC touch screen, which can greatly help people to complete the operation quickly, at the same time, it also enhances the heat transfer performance of the low nitrogen burner, improves the thermal efficiency of the low nitrogen burner, improves the heating speed, and greatly reduces the operating cost.

3. The material selection requirements for welding low nitrogen burners on boilers are very high. The smoke pipe is seamless, which ensures the safe operation of the passage. Under the same combustion conditions, a seamless tube is a reliable and durable basis for ensuring the safe operation of a low-nitrogen burner and boiler.

4. The low nitrogen burner has a safety guarantee. When you use a low-nitrogen burner, you need not worry about safety. Due to its high degree of intelligence, it can realize modern control and can easily run automatically to meet the requirements.
It can be seen from the above that there are many technical advantages of a low nitrogen burner. It is very convenient to open and close the low nitrogen burner boiler with one button operation.