What are the Technical Requirements For the Fuel Oil Burner?


What are the Technical Requirements For the Fuel Oil Burner?
We should all have a certain understanding of the fuel oil burner. This kind of equipment has certain requirements when it is applied. After all, in order to better obtain the application effect, we need to master the correct construction method and meet the corresponding technical requirements. The specific operation methods are as follows.

1. Process requirements

The rated thermal load of the fuel oil burner shall conform to the design value, and the deviation shall not exceed or be less than 10%; The ratio of heat load to the node is 2% – 5%; It can adapt to one or several kinds of gas. When the fluctuation value of natural gas Huabai index is lower than ± 5%, it must be burned normally; The flame characteristics formed shall be consistent with the heating process.

2. Combustion quality requirements

Under the rated thermal load, the air excess coefficient of various equipment cannot be too high, and the technical requirements are generally lower than 1.08-1.15; The chemical incomplete combustion heat loss of flue gas at the outlet of the combustion chamber is not higher than 0.4%.

3. It shall be convenient for disassembly and assembly; The wearing parts shall be easily repaired or replaced; The materials of all parts and components shall meet the requirements.

4. Safety requirements
CO content in flue gas, the surface temperature of equipment, and the sealing property of equipment shall meet safety requirements.
When the fuel oil burner is used, we should learn to do a good job in the correct way according to the corresponding requirements. No matter what the technical requirements are, our goal is to better apply it. Therefore, we must strictly follow the relevant technical requirements.