What is a through flow steam boiler?


What is a through flow steam boiler?
With the adjustment of industrial structure in large and medium-sized cities, the renovation of old areas, and the construction of work areas, as well as the implementation of coal ban policies in central urban areas and the promotion of energy-saving and emission reduction policies such as regional centralized heating and cogeneration, the proportion of small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers will significantly decrease. They are now developing towards the direction of large capacity, high parameters, high energy efficiency, and low emissions; Coal fired boilers will mainly be layer fired, that is, chain grate boilers will be developed towards large capacity and high parameters, which cannot be replaced by any other coal fired boiler; Large capacity circulating fluidized bed boilers (35t/h) and other boilers using clean combustion technology have advantages in burning inferior coal, energy conservation, and environmental protection, and will develop rapidly; Oil and gas boilers will develop towards condensing low nitrogen boilers, what is a through flow steam boiler.
If it is a minor leak, then a planned shutdown should be carried out. Moreover, it should be noted that it cannot be left untreated or mishandled, as this can lead to serious consequences. Wuxi Zhongzheng Boiler Co., Ltd. is a designated manufacturing enterprise for boilers and pressure vessels approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China. It holds A-level boiler manufacturing license, BR II level pressure vessel manufacturing license, American ASME standard “S” and “U” license steel stamps, and has fully passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification.
Circulating fluidized bed boiler technology is an efficient, low pollution, and clean combustion technology that has rapidly developed in the past decade. Internationally, this technology has been widely applied in the boiler industry, and research in this area is gradually emerging in China. At present, hundreds of circulating fluidized bed boilers have been put into operation or manufacturing, and the model parameters of circulating fluidized bed boilers are also different.
In a forced circulation boiler, water or steam is not only driven by the density difference between water and steam, but also requires a certain amount of pump power to circulate in the heating pipeline, so it is called a forced circulation boiler. Due to good water circulation, the forced circulation furnace has a low requirement for water feeding speed. The working pressure of forced circulation boilers is generally high, and the material and wall requirements of boiler tubes are relatively high. The drum of a forced circulation boiler is no longer necessary, it can have a drum or not. Require a higher pump head and higher power consumption. When the water pump stops running, the water flow in the pot also stops. Reliable methods are needed to prevent water hammer caused by boiler water vaporization.