What is the price of a 65-ton gas boiler burner?


What is the price of a 65-ton gas boiler burner?

With the accelerated implementation of China’s West-East Gas Transmission Project and other natural gas projects, it can be predicted that there will be a relatively large development in the application of natural gas in industrial boilers. The flue gas generated by natural gas combustion contains a much higher content of water vapor than other fuels. When water vapor condenses, a large amount of heat is released, which is the latent heat of vaporization. The condensing boiler utilizes this feature of natural gas, applying the principle of condensation and heat transfer to the heat transfer of the tail heating surface of the boiler, maximizing heat energy utilization.

Fuels for oil/gas boilers can be divided into steam boilers and hot water boilers. Oil/gas boilers can be divided into three series: WNS series vertical condensing boiler, SZS series double-boiler vertical condensing boiler, and DHS series angle pipe boiler. How to determine whether an oil/gas boiler is in an extinguished state? If the negative pressure indicator of the furnace suddenly increases, the inside of the furnace becomes dark and the flame cannot be seen through the viewing hole, the combustion sound disappears, the flame monitoring device emits an extinction signal, and the temperature, pressure, and water level drop first and then rise, all of which are symptoms of extinction. Extinguishing due to auxiliary equipment failures, such as power interruption to the induced draft fan and blower, there will also be an accident signal emitted; if the fuel supply is interrupted, the boiler fuel or gas pressure will drop to zero. If the above situations occur, they must be handled in a timely manner to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

EBICO Burner has been established for more than twenty years, always adhering to technological innovation and craftsmanship manufacturing, winning a certain market share in the domestic market while vigorously developing overseas markets and establishing a global sales system.

Boiler energy-saving technology can improve the thermal efficiency of boilers and achieve higher thermal efficiency, with a coal saving of 10%-15%. Boiler energy-saving technology controls the Induction fan, blowing machine, furnace grid, water pump, and other departments through the boiler information energy-saving control system, thus achieving the effect of improving boiler thermal efficiency.

YQL series vertical gas-fired hot oil boiler has a wide range of fuel adaptability, can adapt to natural gas, coal gas, biogas, diesel, light oil, and other fuels, and adopts a three-circuit disk tube design with sufficient heating surface. It is equipped with advanced combustion equipment and can achieve NOx emissions below 30 mg/m3, with significant environmental protection effects. At the same time, in order to improve energy utilization rates, our company also equipped the smoke exhaust tail of the boiler with energy-saving devices such as energy savers and air preheaters or waste heat boilers, with thermal efficiency as high as over 95%.

In the refining process of sugar, decolorization, evaporation, crystallization, drying, and other links require steam to complete. At the same time, the food industry also has high requirements for hygiene standards, so a large amount of steam is also needed for sterilization and disinfection. As a bulk boiler, it has high requirements for on-site assembly level. This boiler has stable combustion, sufficient output, and high-quality steam production, which is very suitable for companies with large steam demand.

With the rapid development of China’s industrial industry, the utilization rate of industrial boilers continues to rise. However, during the combustion process of industrial boilers, large amounts of nitrogens are generated in the flue gas, so it is necessary to pay attention to the effective treatment of nitrogen in the flue gas. Through reasonable processing of nitrogen, ensure that in the emission of flue gas, environmental protection requirements can be met and reasonable removal of nitrogen in flue gas can be achieved.