What is the Structure of a Asphalt Mixing Plant?


What is the Structure of an Asphalt Mixing Plant?

Asphalt mixing plants can mix basic stable materials such as cement-stabilized soil, lime-stabilized soil, and gravel-stabilized soil. They are suitable for high-grade highways, buildings without complex railway and municipal construction, and various specifications of production.

Long service life and low maintenance cost. Single motor drive reducers, large gear synchronous drive, stable and reliable operation, shock and vibration resistance.

The asphalt mixing plant has strong overload resistance and long service life. The mixing shell and mixing cylinder are separated, so there is never a worry about the penetration of dirt, ensuring high reliability. The water supply form ensures a uniform and stable water supply, and mist can effectively reduce dust pollution.

Removing stable soil mass chunks. Mixing a soil mixing plant-specific powder large mouth screw feed machine avoids the phenomenon of the blade screw feed machine becoming damp and easily clogged, making powder measurement more reliable, stable, and uniform, reducing waste of powder and finished products effectively.

Accurate material cost control is achieved. Various powder supply forms can be selected: manual unpacking or bucket elevator for cement or bulk cement. Electric computer speed control or variable-frequency electronic speed control, ensuring even and continuous material supply.

Reliable, strong anti-interference ability, precise proportion, simple operation, the system with multiple operating modes such as: stand-by, semi-automatic, and fully automatic,

The high comfort level for operators reduces operating fatigue.