Improvement Of Boiler With High-Performance Burner


Improvement Of Boiler With High-Performance Burner
Due to increasingly strict environmental protection control, old and highly polluting boilers and coal-fired boilers in various regions will be eliminated. Alcohol-based biofuel is entering the boiler market as an environmentally friendly alternative fuel. If alcohol-based biofuels are to be used, old-fashioned boilers and coal-fired boilers need to be reformed. Master the boiler transformation technology and choose the burner matched with the boiler, so as to become a stepping stone for alcohol-based biofuels to enter the boiler industry.

Improvement Of Boiler With High-Performance Burner

If the fully automatic oil (gas) burner with good performance is installed on the boiler, whether the combustion performance is still the same depends largely on whether the aerodynamic characteristics of the two are matched. Only with good cooperation between the boiler and the burner can the performance of the burner be brought into full play, the stable combustion of the boiler be ensured, the expected heat output is achieved, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler be improved. Matching points of gas turbine and boiler:

1. The matching single-body full-automatic gas turbine with gas dynamic characteristics injects fuel into the combustion chamber in the furnace, completely combusts in the furnace, and outputs heat. The combustion completeness of the actual product is measured in a specific standard combustion chamber. Therefore, the conditions of a standard laboratory are usually used as the selection conditions for matching burners and boilers. The results show that: (1) furnace power; (2) Furnace gas pressure; (3) Furnace size and geometric diameter length. Aerodynamic characteristic matching, that is, the degree to which all three conditions must be met.

2. The power of the power burner refers to how many kilograms and volumes of fuel can be burned per hour when fully burned while outputting corresponding heat energy and heat. The standards of the boiler in the national standards are steam output and fuel consumption, so the two must match when selecting.

3. The pressure in the furnace is within the standard boiler, and the hot gas flow starts from the burner and enters the atmosphere through the furnace, heat exchanger, flue gas collector, and exhaust passage, forming the whole heat flow process. The hot gas flow generated after the combustion of alcohol fuel flows in the furnace combustion chamber under the pressure generated at the inlet and flows to the outlet like river water. The furnace walls, channels, elbows, baffles, exhaust ducts, etc. of the combustion chamber in the furnace have a certain resistance to the smooth flow of gas, which will cause pressure loss. Therefore, a certain flue gas pressure must be maintained in the furnace. When using the burner, it is necessary to refer to the furnace pressure, and the hot air pressure must maintain a certain flue gas pressure.

4. Influence of furnace size and geometry on burner selection. For the boiler, in terms of furnace space size, the heat load intensity of the furnace should be considered first, and the standard volume of the furnace should be determined according to the basic load intensity of the furnace. After the furnace volume is determined, the shape and size of the furnace shall be considered. Make use of all the space, avoid dead corners as far as possible, ensure the normal flow of hot air, and ensure the full combustion of fuel in the production process. In other words, it is necessary to ensure that the flame emitted by the burner can stay in the furnace for a long enough time to ensure that the content of carbon monoxide in the flue gas is low and the residual amount of fuel particles in the flue gas is low.

The appearance of new burners will eliminate a series of problems of coal-fired boilers polluting the environment from the equipment. As a brand of oil-gas multi-purpose burners, Europol burners will provide high-quality products and perfect after-sales service guarantees for customers who need burners from many aspects, and provide more convenient ways for enterprises and individuals to transform environmentally-friendly boilers.