Reasons for Blackening of Equipment Bottom of Low Nitrogen Burner


Reasons for Blackening of Equipment Bottom of Low Nitrogen Burner
The low nitrogen burner adds fans, frequency converters, control valves, and integrated circuits on the basis of traditional burners, so that clean energy and burner operation can provide heat energy for the boiler. Why does the bottom turn black when it is used?

If the low nitrogen burner is used for too long, the flame will burn red and the furnace bottom will often blacken. The reason for this is that oil and dust fall into the holes of the incinerator. At this time, the incinerator can be dismantled, the old toothbrush can be used to brush the periphery of the incinerator hole, and then the thin lead wire can be used to poke one by one, and then the impurities can be removed by knocking on the table several times. If there are pumps, blow one by one at the small holes.

If the flame of the cleaned low-nitrogen burner is still red, the nozzle is stained with dirt. Remove the incinerator, expose the nozzle, and poke it with hard plastic wire or brown hair several times. Never use copper, iron, and other metal wires to avoid roughening the air hole of the nozzle and affecting the use effect of the nozzle. Then install the incinerator, and the flame will turn blue.

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