What Are The Advantages Of Dual Fuel Burner


What Are The Advantages Of Dual Fuel Burner
Dual fuel burner refers to a burner with components that use both fuel oil (diesel) and gas and can work with fuel oil or gas according to fuel supply. When changing the fuel type, it depends on a switch to change the working state; The adjustment is similar to two burners, as long as the fuel part and gas part are adjusted respectively.

As we all know, the heat source of the boiler is mainly provided by the burner, and the quality of the burner directly determines the combustion efficiency and emission of the boiler. Therefore, burners play an absolutely important role in the transformation and elimination of boilers. In this wave of boiler transformation, environment-friendly gas-fired oil-fired boiler burners have made outstanding contributions to the cost and use cost control of large, medium, and small boiler enterprises in coal-fired boiler transformation.

The combustion system of the burner adopts a nitrogen-oxygen synthesis and separation device. The heating and emission are absolutely pollution-free, the combustion is carbon-free, there is no wall hanging, the boiler furnace is clean, the cleaning and maintenance times are greatly reduced, the thermal efficiency is up to 65-80%, the heating is fast, the volume is small, the installation is convenient, reliable, and the price is low (compared with the 1-ton boiler, the price of the burner system is only half of the 1-ton boiler). In addition, the oil and gas dual-use burner equipment of Sunshine adopts high-temperature resistance measures, without deformation, falling off, flashback and misfire.

It is believed that the advent of dual fuel burners will bring real emission reduction, low energy consumption, and high efficiency to more enterprises. At the same time, Europol will adapt to market changes and demand and produce more new products for customers. If you want to know more about the burner products, please send your demand to our company email: info@ebico.com.