15 ton boilers (including four categories)


15 ton boilers (including four categories)
15 ton boilers can be divided into four categories: 15 ton oil and gas boilers using condensation technology, 15 ton biomass boilers that burn both biomass and coal including circulating fluidized bed boilers and chain grate boilers, 15 ton waste heat boilers, and 15 ton coal-fired boilers that also include circulating fluidized bed boilers and chain grate boilers. Obviously, this is based on the classification of fuels. These four categories can all manufacture and produce 15T boilers. Let’s talk about the relevant issues of 15T oil and gas boilers.
Fuel oil is mainly divided into two types: SZS and WNS, with manufacturing capacities of 10-65t/h and 1-20t/h, respectively. Therefore, a 15 ton condensing fuel gas boiler can be divided into a 15 ton SZS series fuel gas boiler and a 15 ton WNS type fuel gas boiler. The applicable fuels for these two boilers can be gas fuels such as natural gas, urban gas, biogas, as well as light and heavy oil fuels such as methanol, ethanol, diesel, etc.
These two types of fuel and gas boilers are both capable of both fuel and gas, achieving advantages such as full combustion, pollution-free emissions, convenient operation, and easy installation; This type of boiler has high thermal efficiency, high output, strong load adaptability, high degree of automation, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, and is an ideal high-efficiency, low consumption, low pollution green environmental protection product.
WNS type oil and gas boiler:
1. The WNS series fuel and gas boilers adopt an internationally popular three return structure, with a large volume combustion chamber design to ensure more complete combustion.
2. Adopting advanced waveform furnace liner structure not only increases the heat transfer area, but also meets the free expansion of the furnace liner after heating.
3. The smoke pipe adopts a threaded structure, which enhances the heat transfer effect.
4. The boiler adopts a wet back structure with full flange butt welds, which has high reliability and low maintenance costs.
5. The design of the rear view device facilitates the observation of combustion conditions.
6. Design multiple protection functions such as over temperature, over pressure, water shortage, leak detection, and shutdown to ensure safe and reliable boiler operation.
7. The boiler packaging comes in three forms: color patterned plate, mirror stainless steel or matte stainless steel, with a beautiful and elegant appearance.
8. Equipped with imported burners with excellent self-control performance, achieving fully automated operation.
9. The WNS series fuel and gas boiler has high thermal efficiency, stable output, and strong load adaptability.
SZS type oil and gas boiler:
1. Adopting a double drum “D” layout, it has a compact structure, small footprint, and good flame filling.
2. The furnace adopts a membrane water-cooled wall structure, and the entire boiler adopts a fully enclosed welded airtight inner protective plate, with good sealing of the furnace wall.
3. The boiler layout has a large heating surface area and is designed with sufficient steam and water space to ensure stable boiler parameters.
4. The tail is equipped with a flue gas condensation and recovery device, which can effectively control the exhaust temperature and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
5. Using high thermal resistance materials as insulation layer, the insulation performance is good. The outer layer of the boiler adopts a pressed protective plate, which has a beautiful and attractive appearance.
6. Adopting a quick installation structure, the entire boiler is designed on a strong steel base for easy installation and transportation.
7. The furnace is equipped with inspection holes, providing great convenience for use and maintenance. The furnace top is equipped with explosion-proof doors.
8. Adopting fully automatic burners and continuous electric regulation for water supply, the combustion efficiency is high. And it has multiple protection functions, ensuring safe and reliable operation.