Description of the mechanism of the burner

Description of the mechanism of the burner

Description of the mechanism of the burner

The burner is the “golden partner” of thermal equipment such as boilers, escorting the safe and stable operation of thermal equipment. This kind of speech is a bit broad. Today, EBICO specifically talks about what role and role the burner plays in the entire thermal system from a microscopic level.

To summarize briefly, the role of the burner is to generate a high-temperature swirl in the fuel for a short period of time. Specifically, the function of the burner is to ensure that the fuel/gas and combustion air can be fully mixed when entering the furnace, so as to catch fire in time and burn stably. The air fed into the boiler through the burner is rationally organized and fed separately according to the principle of being favorable to fire and combustion. According to the different functions of the incoming air, the incoming air can be divided into primary air, secondary air, and tertiary air. The primary air is the air that carries the pulverized coal into the burner, the secondary air is the air that is fed after the pulverized coal is ignited, and the tertiary air is the exhaust gas of the pulverizing system when the hot air is used to send the powder.

The above is a brief introduction to the role of the burner. The burner designed and developed by EBICO has the advantages of complete fuel combustion, high combustion efficiency, smoke and dust removal, high efficiency and energy saving, improved working conditions, and reduced labor intensity. It is an ideal product for energy saving and environmental protection. The products can meet the needs of various heating equipment such as boilers, heat conduction oil furnaces, asphalt mixing buildings, etc., covering many industries such as heating, electric power, road engineering, petrochemical, food, and medicine, etc. Many well-known Fortune 500 companies are is a partner of EBICO. If you have any intention of cooperation, please call 0086-0510-85187552 for details.