How Can the Oil and Dual Fuel Burner be Used?


How Can the Oil and Dual Fuel Burner be Used?
Dual fuel burner is an energy-saving burner developed by the user to meet the shortage of fuel gas supply, which needs to be supplemented by part of oil, and fuel and gas are mixed or intermittently burned. This burner is composed of a central oil gun and a multi-head internal mixing pipe, which can be used for single-fuel oil, gas, and mixed combustion of oil and gas.

Performance characteristics of oil and gas burner:
1. The basic structure of this burner is composed of multiple internal mixing gas pipes and an oil gun located in the center of the combustion chamber. The internal mixing pipe is not only used for gas and fuel mixing, but also used to supply primary gas when fuel oil is used, so that the entire burner is simplified to a single fuel oil burner, and only the gas source is connected when fuel gas is needed.

2. The automatic control system can be designed according to the user’s needs for a variety of control modes, such as section fire type, damper regulating proportion type, frequency conversion regulating proportion type, touch screen digital control, industrial computer frequency conversion regulating proportion type, etc

3. Oil type: residual oil, heavy oil, light oil; Gas is natural gas, gas, and other combustible gases.

4. Functions such as flameout protection, programmed ignition, leak detection, overtemperature, and overpressure protection can be configured according to user needs. Besides automatic control, manual operation is also available.

5. It can realize multi-proportion supplementary regulation of fuel and gas.