How to Solve the Problem of Easy Backfire and Deflagration of the Fully Premixed Low Nitrogen Burner Technology?


How to Solve the Problem of Easy Backfire and Deflagration of the Fully Premixed Low Nitrogen Burner Technology?
1. Deflagration is only a case of amplification, and other combustion methods of burner also have deflagration. The combustion of the full premixed burner has certain requirements for air-fuel ratio control. When the air is seriously insufficient, especially under high-power operating conditions, if the heating is not stopped in time, it is very easy to damage the surface fabric, and flashbacks will occur in serious cases.

2. Scientific burner head design and ignition method need to be adopted. Burners with different power have different requirements for ignition mode, and ignition power should be adjusted properly; If the design of the furnace head is unreasonable and the ignition mode cannot ignite the released combustible gas in time, it will cause deflagration.

1. The air-fuel ratio control capability of the burner meets the requirements of safety performance. As long as the oxygen content of the flue gas is well monitored (it is recommended to install the flue gas oxygen analyzer for real-time monitoring), and the abnormal condition occurs, timely adjustment or shutdown will not occur.

2. The design scheme of the furnace head must be verified by the test firing outside the furnace and the practice of working conditions. When the power is large, the pilot fire should be used for ignition. At the same time, the ignition power should be reduced as much as possible, so that deflagration will not occur.

Does high oxygen content reduce combustion efficiency? Although the high excess air coefficient is required for full premixed combustion to achieve ultra-low nitrogen burner combustion, the combustion process is very full, and the content of CO can not be measured in most cases when used in traditional boilers.
Importantly, the installation of the fully premixed burner is simple, and the transformation scheme realizes the seamless connection between the traditional burner and the boiler. The on-site construction volume is very small, and the floor area is similar to that of the traditional machine. It is especially suitable for the low-nitrogen combustion transformation project with a limited site.