How to Select Horizontal Gas Boiler Burners?


How to Select Horizontal Gas Boiler Burners?

Horizontal gas boiler burners are an important part of industrial boilers in China. At present, light textile and chemical industries are the main sectors that use large amounts of heat in China’s industrial production. In the future, light textile industries, energy industries, building materials, construction industries, chemical industries, metallurgical industries, transportation industries, and military industries will still be the main markets for industrial boilers.

Controlling the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the hot oil boiler is important because if the temperature difference between the boiler inlet and outlet is too large, the oil temperature fluctuation is large and the quality flow rate is low, which will make the oil flow velocity in the boiler tube decrease and the oil film thickness increase, and thus shorten the service life of the hot oil. At the same time, the equipment pipes are prone to problems such as fouling and plugging.

The boiler body is the first part of the steam boiler, which is composed of “boiler” and “furnace”. The “boiler” is a metal container that is used to hold water and absorb the heat released by the fuel combustion to heat the water in the boiler to a certain parameter range to form steam. It is composed of a flue gas preheater, a steam drum, a downpipe, a group pipe, a water-cooling wall tube, a boiler drum, and a steam-water separator, as well as steam pipes and valve surfaces connected to the steam and gas pipelines and induced draft fans and blowers. The “furnace” is the part of the fuel combustion that conducts heat transfer, and the softened water in the boiler fully absorbs the heat from the fuel combustion to form steam.