How to Transform the Fuel Gas Boiler Burner?


How to Transform the Fuel Gas Boiler Burner?

Manufacturing directly reflects a country’s production level, which is an important factor in distinguishing developing countries from developed countries. Manufacturing plays an important role in the national economy of developed countries in the world.

The cyclone separator is composed of a cylinder, an inlet pipe, a top hat, an overflow ring, a cylinder bottom guide blade, and a base plate. The cyclone separator is a water-separation device with excellent separation effect. Its working principle and working process are: a high-speed water-saturated mixture is introduced into the cylinder perpendicularly through the inlet pipe, and it generates a rotational motion under the action of centrifugal force. The water droplets are thrown towards the cylinder wall, so that the water and steam are preliminarily separated. The separated water flows through the four-side guide blades around the bottom of the cylinder and into the water space of the steam drum. The saturated steam rises in the cylinder and enters the space between the waved plates on the top hat perpendicularly or through the sides, under the action of centrifugal force and inertial force, small water droplets are thrown onto the waved plates, and a water film is formed due to the adhesion effect, which further separates the steam and water, and the saturated steam is introduced from the top of the top hat or around it into the steam space of the steam drum.

The YQL series vertical gas thermal oil furnace has a wide range of fuel adaptability, which can adapt to various fuels such as natural gas, coal gas, biogas, diesel, light oil, etc. It adopts a three-way circular tube design, with sufficient heating surfaces and advanced combustion devices, which can achieve NOx emissions below 30mg/m3, with significant environmental protection effects. At the same time, in order to better improve the utilization rate of heat energy, our company has also equipped energy-saving equipment such as energy-saving devices, air preheaters, or waste heat boilers at the tail of its boiler flue, with a thermal efficiency of over 95%.