Structure Analysis And Characteristics Of Industrial Natural Gas Burner


Structure Analysis And Characteristics Of Industrial Natural Gas Burner
Industrial natural gas burner has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, good safety performance, strong reliability, high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low noise, etc.

Burners can be divided into:
a. Diffusion burner
b. Partial premix burner
c. Power burner
Atmospheric combustion is divided into natural injection type and air blast type

1、 Characteristics of the natural gas burner
(1) High thermal efficiency: it can adapt to pressure fluctuation, and automatically adjust air distribution (i.e., high gas pressure, large air intake volume; low gas pressure, small air intake volume), so as to ensure full combustion and high thermal efficiency;

(2) High safety: the burner is equipped with small firepower. When the boiler is started, light the small fire first. When the small fire burns normally and stably, the automatic control system opens the main gas valve to enable the fuel to enter the boiler for normal combustion without deflagration;

(3) Strong fuel adaptability: this type of burner can be used for natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas mixture, and other kinds of gas with only a few parts replaced.

2、 Gas valve group
The boiler can be directly connected to the low-pressure gas pipeline without the need for a pressure regulating station. The gas valve is a low-pressure valve. The gas valve is composed of three parts: (1) manual valve (2) 24V electric valve (3) gas pressure regulating valve (the electric valve and pressure regulating valve of some types of boilers are the same valves). The maximum gas pressure can be set as the switch and the minimum gas pressure switch according to the user’s requirements;

The gas pressure regulating valve shall have 5-11 inches of water column (127mm water column – 279.4 mm water column) in front of the valve, and the valve pressure shall not be less than 3.5 inches of water column (88.9 mm water column). The pressure of the LPG valve requires 11 inches of the water column;

3、 Air shutoff protection device
The gas pipeline is equipped with a maximum pressure switch and a minimum pressure switch. When the gas is cut off or the gas pressure drops to a certain value, the minimum pressure switch acts, and the system automatically closes; When the gas pressure is too high, the maximum pressure switch will be activated and the system will automatically shut down.