The necessity of Burner Reformation of Waste Incinerator


The necessity of Burner Reformation of Waste Incinerator
As the name suggests, a waste incinerator is a device for incinerating and disposing of garbage, waste, and other types. The waste is fully burned in the incinerator and becomes waste gas and enters the secondary combustion chamber. It is completely burned under the forced combustion of the burner and is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney after dust removal.

The waste incinerator is composed of four systems: waste pretreatment system, incineration system, smoke biochemical dust removal system, and gas generator. It integrates automatic feeding, screening, drying, incineration, ash cleaning, dust removal, and automatic control.
Based on the forefront of environmental protection transformation of waste incineration, EBICO provides the transformation plan of waste incinerator burner according to customer needs.

At present, the more common domestic waste disposal methods in China include landfill, composting, and incineration for power generation. Compared with landfilling and composting, waste incineration saves land, does not pollute surface water and groundwater, and releases heat for heating and power generation.

EBICO Waste Incinerator Burner Reformation

The development prospects of the waste incineration power generation industry are very broad in terms of area, impact on the environment, and energy utilization.

The necessity of Burner Reformation of Waste Incinerator

In recent years, EBICO Burner has attacked from various aspects, contributing to the emission reduction and transformation of waste incinerators in the vast market in central and western China, and related business has expanded to Southeast Asia such as Thailand.

The EP-W Series waste incinerator burner produced by EBICO can be adapted to waste incinerators and pharmaceutical incinerators with a waste treatment capacity of 200-900 tons per day, fully meeting the positioning needs of relevant markets.

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