What Are The Advantages Of Dual Fuel Burner In The New Environment (Advantages Of Oil Gas Dual Purpose Burner)


What Are The Advantages Of Dual Fuel Burner In The New Environment (Advantages Of Oil Gas Dual Purpose Burner)
Oil gas dual-purpose burner refers to the combustion chamber with components that use oil (diesel) and natural gas at the same time, and can operate with oil or natural gas according to the fuel supply status. When the fuel type changes, the operating conditions are changed by the switch; The adjustment is similar to two burners, only the fuel part and gas part need to be adjusted separately.

In the future development of our country, as one of the important equipment in the industrial production process, the boiler needs to continue to carry out the energy-saving transformation, promote the optimization of the boiler fuel structure, “coal to gas”, “coal to oil”, environmentally friendly methanol fuel oil and other biological power, replace inefficient boilers with efficient energy-saving boilers, start the demonstration of clean and efficient utilization of coal, and comprehensively screen unqualified boilers with an environment of fewer than 10 tons/hour, It will be a combination of our efforts to solve the problem of highly polluting boilers.

As we all know, the heat source of the boiler is mainly provided by the burner, and the quality of the burner directly determines the combustion power and emission of the boiler. Therefore, burners must play an important role in the transformation and selection of boilers. In this wave of boiler transformation, environment-friendly gas-fired and oil-fired boiler burners have made outstanding contributions to the cost consumption and operation cost control of coal-fired boiler transformation in large, medium, and small boiler enterprises.

In this wave of boiler transformation, most boiler users choose to transform into gas or oil-fired boilers. Europa Burner observes market opportunities, grasps the pulse of policies, develops dual fuel burners for oil and gas, and solves the problem of environment-friendly burners in most enterprises. Demand. High-temperature resistance measures shall be taken for oil and gas dual-purpose burner equipment, and there shall be no deformation or falling during heating, and no backfire or misfire.