Why Fittings Of The Industrial Hot Water Boiler Burner Vibrate In Use


Why Fittings Of The Industrial Hot Water Boiler Burner Vibrate In Use
There is an alternate process of heat source and cold source between the boiler and burner. The temperature of hot flue gas in the furnace can be as high as 800 ° C~1000 ° C, the combustion supporting gas should be the high-temperature gas turbine exhaust temperature of 500 ° C, and the air temperature for combustion is only 25 ° C~50 ° C, which stimulates the vibration potential. Why do burner accessories of industrial hot water boilers vibrate during operation? What are the solutions?

The lower part of the boiler furnace is the combustion area, and the upper part is connected to the flue. During operation, the furnace is filled with continuously flowing combustion gas, and the entire furnace space forms an airflow field.

The inner side of the furnace wall is affected by the dynamic pressure of the gas flow field in the furnace, and the outer side is affected by the atmospheric pressure. When the gas flow pressure in the furnace fluctuates, the furnace wall vibration will be excited. In actual production, the pressure fluctuation of boiler gas is large, which leads to unstable combustion, large negative pressure fluctuation on the top of the furnace, and frequent changes in the pressure difference between the inside and outside. Make the boiler wall vibrate. The furnace wall vibration caused by combustion dynamics is inevitable. The role of the rigid beam is to protect the furnace and flue from damage under the furnace’s working pressure or deflagration conditions, that is, to increase the stiffness of the furnace wall by increasing the rigid beam. The rigidity of the rigid beam is insufficient or the installation fails to meet the design requirements, which will cause serious furnace wall vibration.

Change the natural frequency of the combustion chamber and the frequency of the vortex generated by combustion around the throat of the combustion chamber. In order to prevent the low-frequency vibration of the flue gas column caused by flame swing, the burner structure and combustion conditions should be improved.
It can change the natural vibration frequency of combustion in the furnace pit, such as the transformation of a double-sided water wall, large-scale exhibition, horizontal superheater, etc. Improve the combustion chamber to match the air regulator and bellows structure, such as installing a burner stabilizer, air baffle, etc. The position of the flue gas recirculation inlet shall be reasonably designed and arranged, and the control mode shall be adjusted to prevent abnormal phenomena such as a flue gas short circuits. Then, the vibration of burner accessories may be caused by the above reasons.