What are the Advantages of Fuel Hot Water Boiler Burners?


What are the Advantages of Fuel Hot Water Boiler Burners?

As one of the boiler components of fuel boilers, fuel hot water boiler burners are widely used in hotels, bathhouses, small and medium-sized enterprises, schools, textile factories, garment factories, pharmaceutical factories, large supermarkets, canteens, swimming pools, and other institutions and enterprises. Fuel hot water boiler burners are composed of a boiler body, connected flue, burner, instrument panel, economizer, and condenser. Next, let EBICO introduce you to the advantages of fuel hot water boiler burners in detail:

1. In terms of the heat transfer method, fuel boiler burners use the direct heat transfer method. External water sources do not enter the furnace body. The thermal medium water used in the drum vacuum chamber is high-purity water that has undergone deaeration, scale removal, etc. It is a once-only filling without pollution, which completely solves the problem of traditional boiler scaling appearance and ensures clean water hygiene, saving a large amount of water resources. This heat transfer method has a high vacuum and no oxygen corrosion, which can extend the service life of the furnace body to more than 20 years.

2. In terms of equipment space, fuel hot water boiler burners can be equipped with 1-3 sets of high-efficiency heat exchangers according to different purposes in the drum. Heat exchangers can be connected or set up as independent multi-loop systems. This system is truly versatile and can meet various needs of customers.

3. In terms of electricity, the fuel hot water boiler burner adopts a three-way structure that extends the flue gas flow, and the furnace adopts a large furnace chamber that can save energy, reduce energy consumption, and increase thermal power generation.

4. In terms of safety issues, fuel hot water boiler burners are equipped with an over-heating protection system, dry burning and lack of water protection system, and a boiler water leakage protection system. The protection system is simple and convenient to operate, which truly ensures the safety of users.