What are the reasons for negative pressure boiler combustion burners sniffling? How to handle it?


What are the reasons for negative pressure boiler combustion burners sniffling? How to handle it?

With the adjustment of industrial structure in large and medium-sized cities, the reconstruction of old districts and the large-scale construction of industrial areas, as well as the implementation of the policy of coal prohibition in urban centers and the promotion of policies such as regional centralized heating and cogeneration to save energy and reduce emissions, the proportion of small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers will significantly decrease, and is now moving towards large capacity, high parameter, high energy efficiency, and low emission. Coal-fired boilers will mainly adopt grate-fired boilers, that is, chain grate boilers, and develop in the direction of large capacity and high parameters, which is not replaceable by any other coal-fired boiler; large-capacity circulating fluidized bed boilers (35t/h) and other boilers using clean combustion technology have great advantages in burning poor-quality coal, energy saving, and environmental protection, and will develop rapidly; oil and gas boilers will develop towards condensing low-nitrogen boilers.

Electrostatic precipitators are devices that separate dust particles in flue gas by charging them with electricity and separating them by electrostatic force. It consists of electrodes, collecting electrodes, high-voltage direct current power supply, vibration device and outer shell.

The calculation of gas boiler gas consumption Inseparable fuel gas lower calorific value and boiler thermal efficiency value, because the quality of gas supply varies from region to region, the quality of gas boiler varies, the amount of mixed air varies, and the low heat value of gas varies. The calculation of gas boiler gas consumption should clarify the thermal efficiency value of gas boiler. The higher the thermal efficiency value of gas boiler, the lower the gas consumption, and vice versa. Negative pressure boiler combustion burners sniffling.

With the change of energy supply structure policies in China and the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, China’s boilers should move towards high energy saving, high efficiency and complete combustion in the future, so promoting the transformation of coal and gas-fired boilers, effectively achieving energy conservation and environmental protection goals, and serving as one of the key tasks of China.