Which manufacturers of low-nitrogen steam boilers have burningers? How to match them?


Which manufacturers of low-nitrogen steam boilers have burningers? How to match them?

With the acceleration of the western natural gas transportation project and other natural gas engineering in China, it can be expected that the application of natural gas in industrial boilers will have a relatively large development. The content of water vapor in the flue gas produced by natural gas combustion is much higher than that of other fuels. When water vapor condenses, a large amount of heat is released, that is, the heat of vaporization is released. The condensing boiler utilizes the characteristics of natural gas in this way and applies the principle of condensing condensation heat exchange to the heat exchange of the tail heat surface of the boiler, which maximizes the heat utilization rate.

If a fuel oil hot water boiler emits a large amount of white smoke, the specific reasons are as follows: Reason 1: the boiler tube is broken, or there are dirt and other substances inside. In addition, the oil amount may be too large.

Low-nitrogen steam boiler manufacturers, boiler energy saving is a technology. It can improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler and make the thermal efficiency of the boiler reach a higher level, which can save 10%-15% of coal. Boiler energy saving is achieved through the boiler information-based energy-saving control system to automatically control the fan blower, stoker, pump, etc. in the boiler equipment, so as to achieve the effect of improving the boiler thermal efficiency.

With the rapid development of China’s industrial industry, the use rate of industrial boilers is constantly increasing. However, in the process of industrial boiler combustion, due to the fact that the flue gas produced contains a large amount of nitrogen oxides, we must attach importance to the effective treatment of nitrogen oxides in the flue gas. Through reasonable treatment of nitrogen oxides, ensure that the emission of flue gas can meet the requirements of environmental protection and achieve reasonable removal of nitrogen oxides in flue gas.