What is the reason for automatic shutdown of gas steam boilers?


What is the reason for automatic shutdown of gas steam boilers?
There may be multiple reasons for the automatic shutdown of gas steam boilers, and the following are some possible reasons:
1. Gas supply issue: Gas steam boilers require a stable gas supply. If the gas supply is insufficient or interrupted due to reasons such as insufficient gas pressure, gas blockage, or gas valve failure, the boiler will automatically shut down.
2. Ignition system issues: The ignition system of a gas steam boiler may malfunction, such as electrode corrosion, ignition line interruption, ignition transformer failure, etc. These faults may cause the gas to fail to ignite or the ignition to be unstable, ultimately leading to automatic boiler shutdown.
3. Overheat protection: During the operation of gas steam boilers, if overheating occurs, the overheat protection device will be automatically activated to cut off the gas supply, in order to prevent the boiler from exploding and other hazards. Overheat protection may be caused by poor water circulation, excessive heat load, low water level, and other reasons.
4. Water level control failure: Gas steam boilers need to maintain an appropriate water level to operate normally. If the water level is too high or too low, it will cause the boiler to automatically shut down. Water level control faults may be caused by malfunctions in the water level controller, damage to the water level sensor, and other reasons.
5. Other faults: In addition to the common reasons mentioned above, the automatic shutdown of gas steam boilers may also be caused by other faults, such as high flue gas temperature, chimney blockage, electrical system failure, etc. In this case, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the boiler to determine the specific cause of the malfunction.