What is the reason for the loud noise of gas boilers? How to govern?


What is the reason for the loud noise of gas boilers? How to govern?
The operation of industrial machinery and equipment can generate noise, pollutant emissions, and other problems. Residential areas have strict regulations on noise pollution. So, what is the reason for the relatively high noise of gas boilers in cities? How to govern? Let’s learn about it together with Zhongzheng Boiler.
Reasons for loud noise in gas boilers
The loud noise of boilers burning natural gas is mainly generated by combustion engines, water pumps, etc., as follows:
Insufficient combustion: If the combustion of a gas boiler is insufficient, the noise generated by combustion will be relatively large.
Fan noise: If the fan of a gas boiler malfunctions or accumulates dust, it can lead to an increase in fan noise.
Gas valve noise: If the gas valve has problems such as leakage or wear, it will produce noise.
Water pump noise: If there is a malfunction or scaling problem with the water pump of a gas boiler, it can lead to an increase in water pump noise.
Pipeline vibration: If there is looseness or vibration in the pipeline, it will produce noise.
Noise control of gas boilers
Cleaning and maintaining equipment: Regular cleaning and maintenance of various components of gas boilers, such as fans, gas valves, water pumps, etc., can reduce equipment vibration and noise.
Replace damaged components: If the components of the gas boiler are damaged, such as fan blades, gas valves, water pump bearings, etc., they should be replaced in a timely manner.
Adjusting combustion parameters: By adjusting the combustion parameters of gas boilers, such as air fuel ratio, gas valve opening, etc., the combustion state can be improved and noise can be reduced.
Installing soundproofing materials: Installing soundproofing materials around gas boilers, such as soundproofing boards, sound-absorbing cotton, etc., can effectively reduce noise.
Installing shock absorbers and supports: Installing shock absorbers and supports for the pipelines of gas boilers can effectively reduce the noise generated by pipeline vibration.
To control the noise of gas boilers, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of gas boilers, identify the specific causes of noise, and take appropriate measures for control.